Later Sargonid Assyrian

 This is an extremist version of the Later Sargonid Assyrian army. The generals are a Talented CinC, a Talented Sub, and a Mediocre Sub. This is to give it a decent chance to dodge a rough terrain heavy table, and also to outscout opponents. There is a 6 of Chariots with all of its capabilities (Devastating Chargers, Short Spear, Experienced Bows, Shoot & Charge, Melee Expert, Armoured Horses). This is a punchy unit that should blow away most things in period. An 8 of Exceptional Infantry and 2 8s of Superior Infantry, the latter having Shieldwall, Shield Cover and Short Spear, the former not having Shieldwall. These will probably break enemy Infantry with a good degree of speed, and they are more or less invulnerable to shooting. Even Skilled Shooters only shoot them on black dice. Combined with the Chariots, these are deadly. A 6 of Cimmerians and a 6 of Cavalry. These have 1 job, cover the flanks. If shooting breaks a unit, that's a bonus. These units are not supposed to ent

Akkadian vs Later Sargonid Assyrian

 Today was a David vs Goliath matchup, the Akkadians being the Goliath and the Assyrians the David (unfortunately without his lucky slingshot). The Akkadians won the initial dice roll for posterity and invaded in Coastal terrain, after drawing a higher card to decide the starting square on the terrain grid. The terrain was a 4BW coastline on the Akkadian left to which they anchored themselves and a wood which covered their right flank.  The first unit to fall was an Akkadian Skilled Archer unit, against Guard Cavalry. Despite having a Superior Melee Expert guard unit in overlap, the Cavalry was still alive by the skin of its teeth. It did, however, eventually die when the Akkadian Chariots scored a skull. Funnily enough, the Chariots had previously succumbed to a flank charge because I stupidly hadn't turned them to face forwards. Therefore a skull in Melee by the Cavalry meant the Chariots died too. Essentially, the game devolved into a huge grind, with a few units falling on each

Akkadian MeG list

I will discuss my Akkadian army for this post. Essentially 8 9s of Average Unprotected Long Spear with Shield Cover and Shove. This is the main bulk of the army that covers about 24BW of the main deployment area. 2 of these are in the Sumerian ally. Shield Cover partly negates the Unprotected characteristic and shove gives these units a fighting chance. 2 8s of Skilled Average Unprotected Bowmen, 1 of which being in the ally command. This puts out 8 green or white + (s=wound) dice when put together and is potentially very devastating. They are vulnerable in combat though. 2 6s of Superior Melee Experts, 1 in the ally command. Not great at Impact but they are in Melee. I'd deploy these 3 deep to give them survivability. Then a 6 of Superior Chariots with Short Spear. 2 words: reserve unit. Alternatively, use it to manouvre round flanks. The Skirmishers consist of a 9 and 2 6s of Poor Experienced Javelinmen. I think the 6s are best placed in front of the Superior Melee Experts and I

Late Imperial Roman analysis

 My Late Imperial Roman list consists of a Competent CinC, a Talented Sub and a Mediocre Sub. The Competent CinC gives 7 PBS cards and there is only one Scouting card. Personally, considering how tough the Romans are, I don't see them being at a major disadvantage if they're outscouted. As for Tugs, I have an 8 of Exceptional Legionaries with Shield Cover and Impact Weapons. This unit doesn't have the Melee Expert characteristic on the basis that there are very few troops it won't be able to beat in the Impact phase, and also if it breaks off, it only suffers a white KAB test. Then when it returns to combat, it will likely break its opponents if that hasn't happened already. I would deploy these as wide as possible to get the maximum benefit from the Tug. My 2 6s and 1 4 of Superior Legionaries who this time are Melee Experts, basically have the same function as the Exceptionals. Again there are few troops who will beat them front ally, however they are slightly eas

MeG battle report (Nubian vs New Kingdom Egyptian)

The final result of the PBS phase, Dense terrain with a deep water secure flank The battlefield, complete with 2 swamps, a gulley and a deep water secure flank. Troops lined up for battle. Egyptian on the left, Nubian on the right. Wounds and casualties caused on each army so far. Very weakened units about to break on both sides. The Nubian dead pile. Also a massive collection of figures in the boxes and filing cabinets behind the table. The Egyptian dead pile. Post game picture to show what's left (I.e. not much.)  Today I played a New Kingdom Egyptian army with Nubians. Basically Nubian is a lot of Archery, both of the Skirmisher and non Skirmisher variety. The Egyptians are a mass of very high quality Chariots with foot filler in my opinion.  My Nubians won the attack/defend roll with their yellow dice against the Egyptian's green dice. The Nubians elected to invade. The Egyptians decided to defend in coastal terrain. The table, after the PBS phase,had a Coastal or deep wate


 Here goes my first attempt at creating a wargaming blog. Firstly, my name is Tommy, but I do not object to being called Thomas. I have been a wargamer since April Fool's Day 2010 and I have played many wargames, namely DBMM, ADLG, Saga, To the Strongest, Mortem et Gloriam (MeG) and Field of Glory. I really only started playing wargames that use cards, like MeG and To the Strongest, somewhat regularly last year and I find both of these rulesets very interesting as in my opinion, cards have a slightly better, if you like, sense of humour than dice. I aim to do a battle report on this blog at least once a week. I look forward to getting some experience with regard to writing battle reports.