5 Hegemons vs New Kingdom Egyptians

Opening deployment of the armies. The Lshape deployment of my infantry was to prevent the Tsu from getting hit too early. In MeG, there is a 1BW follow through into combat rule. My Chariots wheel to face off Lawrence's Chariots and Bow unit on the flank. The Chinese infantry move closer and closer to the rough. Same photo as the previous one. The Skirmishers are about to earn their shooting stripes. Lots of action here. The Chinese Chariots advance forwards while the Egyptian Chariots on Lawrence's right fall back. The 6 of Chariots on his left meanwhile charge the Skirmishers, catch them, and suffer 3 wounds from white dice shooting. I do however have Chariots behind my infantry. Ugh. The Skilled Nubians were scoring a steady trickle of damage, but not quite enough to break the unit if Polearms facing it. The Libyans are behind the Nubians ready to charge next turn. In the end, I lose a Polearm unit, a 6 base Chariot unit and the Skirmishers. However I've taken out 2 Chari

Game between the 5 Hegemons and Neo Babylonian

The armies set up. All the terrain on table is rocky ground. Great for my Infantry. Getting ready to charge a bit too late in the game. The Chinese Chariots are getting beaten up but have taken some units down. Note the big slog between 2 Babylonian Heavy Infantry units and a Polearm unit. The Polearms should be dead by now (handbags at dawn). Into shooting range of the Skythian mercenaries. My shooting was generally rubbish throughout the game. Some casualties on the Babylonian side. The score will be 8-6 in favour of the Chinese after this round, 2 points coming from a very weak Babylonian Archer unit. A couple of dead Chinese units. Final Babylonian casualties. In the end the Polearm unit on the Chinese right broke a Cavalry unit. As mentioned before, the weak Archer died as did the Sparabara and a Chariot unit. The Chinese lost their army eventually, but it was extremely close. Not much left on table. Main lessons from the game: when you have a chance to potentially get out of a si

Game between The 5 Hegemons and Minoans

Tough fight between Spears, Libyans and mixed units. The Skirmishers can now charge a flank.  Those Chariots on the Minoan side are nasty. Lots of casualties on the Chinese side.  The Minoans are suffering but have the upper hand. How that Chinese Chariot unit survived I have no idea. It was however responsible for killing a 6 of Archers because of the ability to follow through with unengaged bases. A few more casualties on both sides. How the unit hit in the flank by a full strength long spear unit survived to the next bound, I have no idea.  I believe the Chinese lost 15-6 in the end, having taken down a Long Spear unit, an Archer unit and 2 Sugs. This was a very bloody fight as well. Once Long Spears are down to 1 base in any of their files, they are dead against decent Mounted.

Game between Imperial Romans and Gepid

A small bit of rough terrain on table and good lineups. The Romans are on the left, the Exceptionals I believe facing close order Flexible Warband in rough terrain. Romans are pushing forward aggressively, the Gepids are reorganising. a very wide Superior Legion facing off 2 Cavalry units. Beaten up but alive Gepid Cavalry having beaten the entire Roman mounted left wing. Dunce cap required for me. I'll elaborate in the summary. Gepid casualties so far. Mass of Roman casualties.   The Romans eventually picked off one Gepid Tug. They however lost their army. I will say though that a few Gepid units were a bit worse for wear so I could have picked up more units had I survived. The dunce cap moment explained: I was too aggressive with my Cavalry. Yes mine were better than Ian's mostly, because of the Armenian ally. The mistake was advancing without proper flank protection. I should have come in at an angle rather than in a straight line. 15-2 to Ian was the final result.  

Dbmm battle report from Brian Boru 2021

 Something a bit different from the MeG battle reports. A couple of optional rules were in place, such as no weather or time of day and the chance to remove or adjust the position of terrain. My list was Corps 1: Cv(O)c CinC, 60 Wb(F), 2 Cv(O)c Corps 2 +3: Wb(F) SG, 10 Bw(I), 10 Ps(I) Corps 4: Cv(O)c AG, 13 Bd(F), 2 Ps(I) All Libyan commands had 2 Army Baggage (I) and the Sea Peoples AG, had 2 Command Baggage (I). 96ME in total. I picked the army as I hadn't been in a real life competition for 20 months, plus it was a simple army with a simple plan because of all the self-propelled troops. Game 1, Early Libyan vs New Kingdom Egyptian. The Egyptians defended because of the Libyans' high aggression. Terrain on table included 2 enclosed fields and 2 rocky flats. I deployed second and was attacking in most places except with the Warband. The Sea Peoples ally in their first moves went into my right skirmishing sector. In the end, I was too cautious with my Warband and should have pu

James IV Scottish army

  Here is my description of a James IV Scottish list. Part of the reason I'm making this post is because I've been silent on this blog for too long, for which I apologise deeply. Another reason is that this army appeals to me greatly given the anti horse archer capabilities. Plus, it's an army whose composition will rarely, if ever, differ, in my opinion. Firstly, the generals are a Competent CinC, 2 Talented Subs and a Mediocre Sub. All professional. 13 cards for 13 units. Next, the camp is Average Unfortified. This was because I had points left over that I couldn't spend elsewhere. Next 10 blocks of Pike, front rank of 2 Average, Full Armour, Shield Cover, Combat Shy Pike and 6 Average Protected Combat shy Pike, all Formed Close. The schiltrons in the front make these units almost impossible to dent if your opponent can't get on your flank or behind you, except against Skilled Shooters. 2 4s of Cavalry, Formed Loose, Charge Only Crossbow, Short Spear. These are in
 Game between 5 Hegemons and Later Sargonid Assyrians Hammy's opening hand. Better than mine but not by too much. Final casualties of the Chinese. Including an 8 base Di Devastating Charger unit which suffered 9 wounds in 3 shooting rounds from a 6 base Cimmerian Tug. 1 in 19683 chance of happening. Holes have started to appear in both armies. The Cavalry unit on my right had ripped apart 2 Chariot units with a flank charge. Ouch. However, at this point I've killed 2 Tugs and 1 SuG. My revolting and extremely rare first hand.  Initial deployment of the armies. On Monday the 30th of August, I played Hammy again. 5 Hegemons against Later Sargonid Assyrian. The game was very vicious and in truth seemed slightly closer than the score of 6-15 to the Assyrians suggested. At one point, I made a mistake of moving something after Hammy passed early, which allowed him to make crucial movements later on in the turn.  I was outscouted by 40%, and I had elected to invade. I made a schoolboy